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Making College Affordable

Making College Affordable Workshop

Making College Affordable Workshops are held periodically to enhance the ability of aspiring high school students to navigate through the college application process by providing ACT preparation, financial planning with FAFSA completion assistance, college admissions advice, music development, and Academic Clearing House eligibility requirement information for scholar-athletes. For more information, or to register for an upcoming MCA session, call (251) 298 - 7111 or email

The MCA session concept was created by Dr. McCane, Academic Dean of the Bishop State Community College.  The first MCA sessions were developed and piloted during the Summer of 2015 through partnership with the EMHI and the Cooper Foundation. Special thanks to Mr. Tremayne Gamble of the New York Life Insurance Agency, Mr. Paul Eaton and Ms. Florance McElroy of the Cooper Foundation for serving as our first MCA session facilitators.

Attendance at an MCA session by interested students accompanied with their parent(s) / guardian(s) serves as the initial step in affording the opportunity to participate in the JEM Scholars Program. The second step is to complete the JEM Scholars application, and the subsequent Bishop State Dual Enrollment and College Applications, which are made available to students and parent(s) / guardian(s) during their attendance at an MCA session.  Once completed, the application must be submitted by email to  

Induction as a JEM Scholar for a particular cohort is made by the JEM Scholars Selection Committee. Official notifications are made upon acceptance as a JEM Scholar prior to the semester of induction.


JEM Scholars